At Family Optometry, our doctors and staff provide an array of eye care services. From infants with developing vision, to older adults dealing with vision-threatening eye disease, our doctors are prepared to provide the eye care services your family needs.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Our office provides a wide selection of eyewear, sunwear, and contact lenses to fit your specific eye care needs. Many of our patients who have previously been told they cannot wear contact lenses are now happily wearing multifocal or astigmatism-correcting contacts. If you’ve always wanted to wear contacts, but didn’t think it was a possibility, give us a call!

Mature women trying on a pair of eyeglasses
Doctor showing a scan of the eye

Diagnosis and Management of Eye Disease

Advances in medical technology greatly assist our ability to diagnose and treat eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease.

At Family Optometry, we want to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible for conditions that might threaten their vision. That means investing in technology such as digital photography, optical coherence tomography, and corneal topography, as well as understanding and utilizing new research and treatment approaches, such as genetic testing for macular degeneration.

Pediatric Eye Care

We recognize that proper eye care begins at birth. We are participants in InfantSee, a program that provides a no-cost eye exam for infants between 6 months and 1 year of age. The purpose of this first exam is to detect any issues that might interfere with normal vision development, so that vision problems such as amblyopia (commonly called “lazy eye”) can be prevented.

Many vision problems can easily go undetected during normal vision screenings, but cause lasting problems if not properly treated at a young age. You can expect a patient, non-threatening approach with children that will leave them feeling that an eye exam is a fun experience. Many of our young patients are disappointed they have to wait for a full year before the come back and see us!

Doctor with a pediatric child eye exam
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