Eyes on the Future

Eyes on the future - a Wabash county promise partnership

Family Optometry is excited to announce the official launch of the Eyes on the Future program for students K-12. This program is a partnership with Wabash County Promise, with a goal to ensure that every child has the assets, champions, and community support to pursue their dreams. With this new partnership, each time a student receives their annual eye exam, Family Optometry makes a contribution of $5.29 into the student’s CollegeChoice 529 savings account.

We see the Eyes on the Future program as a strategic way to invest in the future of Wabash, and hope to be part of a community-wide effort to encourage the students of Wabash County to recognize that they are each created with unique gifts and abilities, and have a bright future that is worthy of an investment. At the same time, it serves as a public health initiative, to educate parents on the importance of yearly eye exams for all children. According to the American Optometric Association, as much as 80% of a child’s learning depends upon vision. Vision problems in students can lead to a variety of difficulties, including avoidance of reading, decreased academic and athletic performance, or fatigue and a short attention span.

For questions or more information on Eyes on the Future, or to schedule an eye exam for your student, contact Family Optometry’s Wabash office at 260-563-0884.

For more information about the 529 savings account, and the Wabash County Promise in general, Click Here.

Special thanks to the YMCA of Wabash County and the Community Foundation of Wabash County for joining us in this partnership.

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